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Dziesięciogroszowa moneta z 1923r.

My adventure with collecting began 32 years ago, this was when I was in the second grade school and I got 10 pence piece from 1923. This is when I started to collect old things. The old items were very special for me and they also are today. This is because they are represent history and they allow us to learn about life in the past.

From finding the 10 pence piece and collecting accient items I came to realise this is passion in my life. I always gained more and more interesting items add to my collection these are historical pictures, stamps, old coins and bills, documents and fossils. I always wasn’t satisfied that my treasures weren't very old. But I wanted to know the oldest history of the Earth.

Tomasz Curyło - Prezes Fundacji Ocalony Świat

I became interested in geology and in 2007 I started to collect large boulders with interesting textures, shapes and colors. From this I noticed that these large boulders are the oldest items providing all of Earth's history. Futhermore I gained more objects which stone architectures. More and more people have signed up to me because they wanted to see my collections. Therefore this is a way of sharing to the public my findings from 2007.

Futhermore I felt the need to create a unique and special place this is geotourist center this can be a place to gain knowledge for students and enthusiasts. I know its historical and scientific value, so I think that is important to share my story with others.

In February 2015 the geologists studied my find and they convinced me to share the a collection for others. They expressed their appreciation for my work and they made me realize that I will need the involvement of many people and institutions.

So, I was involved heavily in the search for information about tourists objects in the country and abroad. All of the time I browsed websites. I visited the open-air museums. From this I established contacts with people in this industry. So, I had more and more ideas for my new project.

Then I thought to form the Foundation “Saved the World”.

In the creation of this Foundation supports me a group of friends, my family and other enthusiasts.

I set up a Foundation “Saved the World” in December 2015.

“Saved the World” - why?

My passion it’s not only collecting large bulders, but this is primarily to protect the monuments from destruction and oblivion. My collection is still growing and I believe that people will help me create a wonderful place which will help communities understand how important these elements of nature are.

The founder of the Foundation “Saved the World” – Tomasz Curyło

The founder of the Foundation “Saved the World” – Tomasz Curyło
About the founder